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There are several adolescents in need of mentorship and Knot Your Average Academy has implemented a unique way to offer that support. As part of our programs, we have Knot Your Average Braider Youth Braid Camp, where we offer braid training and mentorship for children. Together the class discusses life, school, careers, goals and much more. Students also learn the skill of braiding. It has been a phenomenal experience to see how they are gaining more confidence in their ability to braid, so much so that they are accepting new clients of their own. 


The skills our students learn will help them gain financial independence over time. As braiders, they can earn money to purchase school clothes, create a savings, and/or do some things they'd like on their own dime. Knot Your Average Braider Youth Braid Camp has committed to serve in the community & has connected with local Nonprofit organizations to offer braid camps to support youth empowerment. 


"I learned how to do knotless braids. Also, how to feed in weave as well as how much money you want to charge per hour... We learned about if our future business offerings were tangible or intangible. We talked about different ways to make money and how much to charge for it. Ms Lisha taught us about entrepreneurship and self employment."


"I learned to do knotless. It was very hard at first but I got the hang of it and it was easier. I learned how to do portion sizes and I learned how to part. I also learned how to manage money."


"Ms. Lisha taught me how to underhand braid, braid with weave and do cornrows and knotless braids. I also learned what entrepreneurship is, what tangible and intangible means, and how much money I will make with my future business. I learned not to give up on my work. "


"With Ms Lisha Lou I learned how to do knotless braids on a mannequin. I learned about how much money I need to buy an iphone and how to never give up on my dreams because you will succeed in whatever you want. I learned how to manage the money I make and how many dollars I want to make an hour."


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