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Thank you for your interest in booking your phenomenal braiding experience with me. Please be sure to review all policies and procedures and reach out if you have any questions or concerns. I look forward to working with you.



In effort to make sure you can gain the best from your braid experience, all new clients must have a consultation prior to scheduling an appointment. Hair must be loose for consultation for me to be able to see how I can service you. During consultation, we will discuss your hair needs, appointment expectations, and address any concerns you may have prior to booking appointment.


At this time, I only offer shampoo services to my microloc clients. I ask that all clients come to their appointment with clean hair, meaning freshly shampooed within the last two days. Please do not apply any oils or creams to your hair before appointment. You are welcome to grease or oil your scalp if needed. Please do so lightly. 
I do not service hair that isn’t freshly shampooed.



Hair is included for all braid services. Please be sure to select the hair color of your choice when booking. Any colors that are not already provided will be subject to availability and an upcharge may be applied. When booking for crochet services, you are to purchase pre-looped crochet only.  Crochet hair is not included in the cost of your service and must be purchased on your own. We will discuss the specifics during your consultation.



It is imperative that you book an appointment that works for you and your schedule.  Please keep in mind that all booking fees are nonrefundable. You are welcome to reschedule for a future date, as a courtesy but this can only be transferred once within 90 days, by using the "RESCHEDULE*" link in your confirmation email.

Clients who cancel appointments will lose their deposits.

If you are a no-show, you will not be able to book future appointments- no exceptions.

*Please note, rescheduling is based on availability & can be communicated at occurrence.  



All clients are given a grace period of 15 minutes. If you arrive more than 15 minutes late and there is still time to complete your service, you will be charged a $15 late fee. If I am unable to perform your service, you will lose your deposit and need to reschedule for a later date, in which another deposit will be due at the time of booking.



All clients are required to pay a booking fee to be scheduled. The booking fee does apply to your hairstyle and will be deducted from total service cost. Booking fees are nonrefundable. 


I kindly accept cash and card payments. Please have the exact amount of cash when you come for your service.

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