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Knot Your Average Summer Camp 2023

Lisha Lou

Knot Your Average Summer Camp in 2023 catered to young individuals aged 12 to 18. The camp offered a unique blend of activities designed to bolster and complement the participants' regular academic pursuits. These activities weren't just about fun; they aimed to impart essential skills that fostered independence and self-sufficiency.

The camp delivered Expanding Learning Opportunities, ensuring students were exposed to a range of new experiences. A significant focus was on Career & Vocational Training, providing insights into entrepreneurship and practical business education. Led by a dedicated and experienced instructor, the students were in capable hands.

One of the standout aspects of the camp was the chance for students to turn their hair braiding talents into something more. Equipped with the necessary tools and guided by 1-on-1 hands-on training, they had the opportunity to master the latest braid styles. This transformed their passion into a potential business venture, helping them see the boundless horizons of pursuing their dreams.

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What previous students are saying...

I learned how to braid mainly do things I never did before. I gained a lot of confidence, met new people, laughed, had fun, and enjoyed my time. 

- Mickaela, Age 14

I learned how to do knotless, box braids, cornrows, feed ins ,crochet, blending hair, and I've also learned things about prices when doing hair like how much you're paying per hour and what profiting is. I now have my own paying clients who come to me for braids. Now, I am able to assist Ms Lisha in classes, teaching other kids how to braid. 

- Milan, Age 12

I got better at a lot of things when it comes to braiding. I learned how to do knotless braids better and how to cornrow to the scalp. I didn't know how to do that before taking the class. I gained for confidence in braiding too. The environment was nice and I liked that I was learning with other people my age. I can now manage my own natural hair in several protective styles 

- Ty, Age 13

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