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Lisha Lou

World renown braid expert. Professional Braider. Philanthropist. Educator. Mentor. Visionary. Lisha Lou is one of Central Florida's most sought after professionals. She is a master of her craft and dedicates her time perfecting it. She is known for her expertise in providing jaw dropping braid styles that cover the crown of women who experience hair loss. Not only does Lisha Lou provide braid services, she also hosts classes to educate children, as well as foster & adoption families how to braid and care for natural hair. The level of respect, love, and empathy that she provides during these experiences have helped her business thrive.

Her goal is to provide a memorable experience for those who interact with her. The uplifting conversations and inspiration makes it hard for clients to part ways. Her philanthropic efforts have extended to social media, as she helps braiders and families around the world in her Facebook group, called "Knot Your Average Braider." The group was created to be a safe place for anyone to learn braiding and not be afraid to share as they perfect their braid skills. Her academy was founded to help new braiders learn the trade skill of braiding. It has grown to be much more. Knot Your Average Academy includes a training program geared toward transracial adoption families, where she helps parents understand hair care for their children. Another program she implemented is part of Polk County Correctional Facilities, where she teaches incarcerated women the skill of braiding along with entrepreneurship & how to build a successful business. This training alone has helped shift the mindset of her students to think beyond the jail cells and create business plans for a promising future upon release. The overall goal of that particular program is to reduce the recidivism rate and promote success.

Lisha Lou continues to strive, using her gift to lead, empower, support those around her.


Please allow 2-3 business days for Lisha to get back to you.

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