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Knot Your Average Academy is a community committed to supporting braiders as well as other entrepreneurs to help grow and build their brand and establish a successful business. Our values are transparency, trust, integrity and accountability. We aim to help our students in all aspects of their lives, so that they will be successful.


“Don't sit still. Use this time to grow yourself financially.” The Knot Your Average Academy Programs were created to empower our students to take charge of their future and aid them in finding their way to success.


Alisha Hinton, also known as “Lisha Lou” is one of Central Florida's most sought after Braid Stylists and Educators. She is a master of her craft and dedicates her time perfecting it. As a veteran Educator, Lisha Lou provides engaging lessons that help students to gain the skills and confidence utilizing their own positive personal attributes.


Lisha Lou's attention to detail and creativity helps her thrive in her business and as an Educator in being able to connect with clients from all walks of life. Her goal is to provide a wonderful experience for all of her students, as well as empower future and beginning braid stylists all over the world as well as create a safe space for entrepreneurs to learn and grow. 


Family Hair Care Training Program

KYAA aims to help our trans-racial families overcome the anxiety that often comes with maintaining different hair textures. In this program, participants learn about hair care, product education, and how to achieve protective styles.

Inmate Vocational Certificate Program

Vocational training programs have been shown to reduce criminal recidivism and improve economic opportunities for inmates.  KYAA offers inmates a comprehensive education by combining braiding and business training.

Braider Youth Mentorship Program

With its braid camps, Knot Your Average Academy offers adolescents guidance in every aspect of life, providing them with the confidence to become entrepreneurs and achieve financial independence. 


Please allow 2-3 business days for Lisha to get back to you.

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