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Lisha Lou is a sought-after Natural Hair Stylist and Educator with over 25 years of experience. She founded Knot Your Average Academy in 2023 to provide engaging learning programs to the community.


KYAA offers a vocational certification program for incarcerated women, youth braiding camps, and family hair care trainings. The goal is to empower participants through skills development and confidence building.


As a creative and detail-oriented entrepreneur, Lisha Lou has helped many clients and students from all backgrounds. Her nonprofit organization is making a positive impact through engaged learning and philanthropic works in the community.


Knot Your Average Academy is a 501 (c)(3) organization

Lisha Lou
Programs Anchor


Braid Class
Family Hair Training Program aims to help our families overcome the anxiety that often comes with maintaining different hair textures. In this program, participants learn about hair care, product usage, and how to achieve protective styles. I also provide 1-on-1 training for those interested in advancing their own skills.
Family Hair Care Training Program
Vocational training programs have been shown to reduce criminal recidivism and improve economic opportunities for inmates.  Knot Your Average Academy offers inmates a comprehensive entrepreneurship training and aid in shifting the mindset to being positive and knowledgeable members upon re-entering society.
Inmate Vocational Certificate Program
With its braid camps, Knot Your Average Academy offers adolescents guidance in every aspect of life, providing them with the confidence to become entrepreneurs and achieve financial independence.
Youth Braid Mentorship Program

Please allow 2-3 business days for Lisha to get back to you.

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